Bachelor of Science in Education- Spanish

Bachelor of Science in Education

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree is designed to train prospective K-12 foreign language teachers. Students pursuing this degree must follow the programs outlined below. A minor is required for this degree and may be completed in a second foreign language or in some other field: (English, history, mathematics, biology, technology, computing, etc.)

All persons seeking the Bachelor of Science in Education degree should consult the appropriate sections of this catalog for the specific requirements for this degree and the regulations concerning admission to teacher education.

A Spanish teaching major for the Bachelor of Science in Education degree requires 35 hours.


General Education and Professional Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Spanish.* (43-48 hours)

Basic Skills (12 hours)

General Education Electives (31-36 hours)

    Sciences (8-9 hours)

    Social Studies (3 hours)

    Political Studies (3 hours)

    Producing and Consuming (5-6 hours)

    Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

    Cultural Studies (0 hours)

        (satisfied by MLL 356 Spanish Conversation II and MLL 358 Readings in Hispanic Literature and Civilization I)

    Health and Well Being (4-6 hours)

    Human Heritage (6 hours)


* For specific general education course requirements for secondary education, see General Education Requirements for Students Preparing to Teach Secondary School.