Master of Business Administration- Accounting

Concentration in Accounting

The Master of Business Administration degree is a graduate professional program which emphasizes breadth of preparation in the various competencies required of business executives. Depth is provided through the selection of a limited concentration in accounting or general administration. The MBA program is ideally suited for individuals whose undergraduate degree was in business as well as for students whose undergraduate major was in mathematics, technology, engineering, nursing, social work, natural science, or one of the physical sciences. Students whose undergraduate degree includes an accounting major may, through careful planning, complete the BBA degree and the MBA degree with a concentration in account­ing in five years.

MBA Program Mission

The mission of the College of Business' Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Program is to support the University and College missions by providing quality graduate business education.  The program serves students, employ­ers, and citizens in southeast Kansas and the sur­rounding tri-states region, as well as a number of internation­al constituen­cies.


Admission to the MBA program requires the following:

(1) an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university; (2) a minimum Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score of 400; and (3) a minimum of 1050 points based on the formula: 200 times the overall under­graduate grade point average (GPA) plus the GMAT score or at least 1100 points based on the formula: 200 times the upper division undergraduate GPA plus the GMAT score.

Applicants who have at least 950 total points based on the GMAT score and the undergraduate GPA or at least 1000 points based on the GMAT score and the junior/senior GPA may petition the MBA Admissions Committee for probation­ary admission to the program.  The evaluation of such petitions will be based on factors such as work experience, educational background, personal and/or professional references, personal interviews and other data which the student may develop to show evidence of high promise in the program.  The decision of the MBA Admissions Committee on such petitions is final.

A student whose native language is not English must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 550.  Further informa­tion concerning the GMAT and admission requirements may be obtained from the MBA program director.

If probationary admission is granted, the following minimum conditions must be met:

1. The student is limited to enrollment in 12 or fewer hours in the first semester of enrollment, and

2. The student is required to attain grades of "B" or better for the first semester for full-time students and for the first nine hours completed for part-time students. (If a part-time student is enrolled in more than three hours during the semester in which nine cumulative hours are completed, the entire enrollment for that semester will be included in the requirement for grades of "B" or better.)

Students admitted on probationary status under this policy will be fully admitted after satisfying the above conditions. Students failing to satisfy these conditions will be dismissed from the program until all unconditional admission require­ments are met.

Admission - Senior Graduate

Seniors at PSU may apply for admission to the MBA program.  They may take graduate work and receive gradu­ate credit if they are in their final semester of undergraduate work.  In addition, the following requirements must be met: (a) overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25; (b) minimum GMAT score of 400.  A student whose native language is not English must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 550 on the paper-based exam or 213 on the comput­er-based exam or be completing a baccalaureate degree at Pittsburg State University.

The planned academic program for the senior-graduate semester will not exceed sixteen semester hours including the graduate work.  Upon application to the Dean of Continuing and Graduate Studies, the student may be approved as a senior-graduate student and may register for no more than six hours of graduate work.  The specific courses available for senior-graduate status are MGMKT 839 (Marketing Strategy) and FIN 836 (Financial Strategy).  If the senior-graduate does not complete the undergraduate degree in the semester in which they are enrolling in courses for graduate credit, graduate credit will not be awarded for the courses taken.

Academic Actions

An MBA student must maintain a “B” average (at least a 3.00 GPA) in all foundation courses taken at Pittsburg State University after admission to the MBA Program.  An MBA student is issued a warning letter upon receipt of a grade of "C" or lower. An MBA student is placed on probation upon receipt of a second grade of "C" or lower. An MBA student is issued a letter indicating that his or her graduate status is in jeopardy at any point when his or her cumulative grade point average in graduate work falls below 3.00.

Curriculum Requirements

The course requirements for the MBA degree consist of a minimum of 34 hours and a maximum of 82 hours. The 48 semester hours of foundation courses may be waived if appropriate undergraduate courses have been taken. None of the decision and strategy, integrating or elective courses may be waived.

A minimum of 31 hours beyond the foundation courses must be numbered 800 and above. No more than three hours of graduate work may be taken in courses numbered between 500 and 699.

Additional information regarding admission and degree requirements may be obtained from the MBA program director or from the chairperson of the Department of Accounting.

The following courses must be taken unless specifically waived by the MBA program director based on previous academic work. The equivalency of courses presented as waivers to corresponding courses at Pittsburg State Universi­ty will be determined on an individual basis by the MBA program director.