Bachelor of Science- Chemistry

The degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry requires a minimum of 124 semester hours.  A minor is required for all emphases except Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Students majoring in chemistry may complete the last 34 hours of their degree at an accredited school of engi­neering, provided a cooperative program leading to both a BS degree in chemistry and BS degree in engineering has been established by both schools.


General Education Component* (47-54 hours)

Basic Skills** (12 hours)

General Education Electives (35-42 hours)

    Sciences** (9-10 hours)

    Social Studies (3 hours)

    Political Studies (3 hours)

    Producing and Consuming (5-6 hours)

    Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

    Cultural Studies (3-5 hours)

    Health and Well Being (4-6 hours)

    Human Heritage (6 hours)


*See General Education Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees for specific areas and courses.

**MATH 150 and core chemistry courses required in the major will fulfill a part of each of these requirements.