Bachelor of Science in Education- Chemistry

General Education Component* (47-54 hours)


All students preparing to teach must meet the general education requirements for all baccalaureate degrees as well as the requirements for teacher certification. The following plan will satisfy both requirements.


Basic Skills** (12 hours)

General Education Electives (35-42 hours)

    Sciences** (9-10 hours)

    Social Studies (3 hours)

    Political Studies (3 hours)

    Producing and Consuming** (5-6 hours)

    Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

    Cultural Studies (3-5 hours)

    Health and Well Being (4-6 hours)

    Human Heritage (6 hours)


*See General Education Requirements for Students Preparing to Teach Secondary School for specific ar­eas and courses. 

**MATH 150 and PHYS 104/130 required in the professional components will partially fulfill these require­ments.


Professional Studies Component

 In addition to the professional education courses listed in (1), the student must complete the courses for the teaching specialty listed in (2).