Bachelor of Science- Family and Consumer Sciences

This major is designed as preparation for the many family and consumer sciences positions requiring special emphasis in a subject area.  The student must complete 14 hours of core requirements plus hours specified for the chosen option.  The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in family and consumer sciences requires a minimum of 124 semester hours.  This includes selection of a minor outside the department.


                       General Education Degree Requirements* (43-51 hours)

Basic Skills (12-13 hours)

General Education Electives (31-38 hours)

    Sciences (8-9 hours)

    Social Studies (3 hours)

    Political Studies (3 hours)

    Producing and Consuming** (2-3 hours)

    Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

    Cultural Studies (3-5 hours)

    Health and Well Being*** (4-6 hours)

    Human Heritage (6 hours)


* See General Education Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees specific gen­eral education degree require­ments.

NOTE: Students are required to complete Writing to Learn courses.  See Writing to Learn Requirement for specific requirements.

**Three hours of general education Producing and Consuming are met by the required course FCS 230 Consumer Education and Personal Finance.

***Three hours of general education Health and Well Being are met by the required course FCS 203 Nutrition and Health.