Master of Science- Teaching: Elementary, Secondary or English for Speakers of Other Languages

 This course of study leads to the Master of Science in Teaching degree with an emphasis in elementary, secondary, or ESOL.  Students should study the current University Catalog concerning general requirements for the master's degree and specific requirements of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

 Students may choose from two different plans when pursuing their master's degree, Option I or Option III, both of which are described in the University Catalog.  For the Elementary and Secondary emphasis areas, Option I requires a minimum of 30 credit hours which includes a thesis. For the ESOL emphasis, Option I requires a minimum of 36 hours. Option III requires a minimum of 33 hours, consisting of twelve hours minimum in or outside the College of Education, by advisement, to develop an emphasis or endorsement area, plus the 21 hour core.  A research component is demonstrated through successful completion of CURIN 891 Methods of Research and through written comprehensive examinations and/or portfolio assessments. Students with strong academic records who plan to do advanced work beyond the master's degree are encour­aged to follow Option I which includes a thesis. Upon recommendation of the major advisor, the candidate may elect Option III.