Master of Arts- Teaching (Secondary Teaching Licensure Program)

 The Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Teaching) is a program for individuals holding a BS or BA degree in a non-teaching content area and who are seeking licensure to teach in a 6-12 school setting.  The purpose of the program is to train teachers for positions in high need content areas in both urban and rural schools.

  Admission Requirements:

(1) Review of transcripts verifying applicant’s earned degree in content area or completion of coursework equivalent to requirements for PSU approved teacher education programs;

(2) Required documents to be considered for admission to the MAT program: two letters of recommendation and a writing sample;

(3) Personal interview by Curriculum and Instruction Admission Review Committee;

(4) Applicant must be then recommended by the MAT Committee for Admission and Retention in Teacher Education;

(5) Passing score on a basic skills test (reading, writing, and math) during first 9 hours  of coursework;

(6) In-major gpa of 2.75 or higher and cumulative gpa of 3.00 or higher.