Master of Arts Degree with a Major in Teaching (Special Education Licensure Program)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (Special Education) is a program for innovative Special Education para-educators holding a BS or BA degree from an accredited university/college in a non-teaching content area and who are seeking licensure to teach in a secondary setting.  The purpose of this program is to train teachers for positions in high need content areas in both urban and rural schools. Students must remain employed as a para-educator for the duration of the program.

 Admission Requirements:

(1) Undergraduate degree; 3.00 GPA or admitted with condition;

(2) At least one year experience as a para-educator in a special education classroom;

(3) Current employment as a para-educator.

Application Procedures:

1. Transcript is audited by Pittsburg State University licensure officer. Send transcript to Teacher Education Office, 110 Hughes Hall, 1701 South Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762 or fax to 620-235-4421.

2. Candidate will complete a Professional Disposition Assessment (transcript must be audited prior to assessment).

3. Candidate must provide two completed recommendation forms from district superintendent, director of special education or supervisor. 

4. Candidate must submit a letter from a district superintendent, director of special education or supervisor verifying at least one year of experience with special education students.

5. Once admitted, candidate is assigned an advisor.

6. By end of 1st semester, candidate must pass a basic skills test or have an ACT of 24 or higher.

Mid-Point Review

At mid-point the overall GPA will be reviewed. A 3.00 is required.

Culminating Event

Successful completion of the Teacher Work Sample and Portfolio.

Passing score on the Principles of Learning and Teaching.

Passing score on the Special Education Content Test.

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