Master of Science Degree with a Major in Special Education Teaching

A program leading to the Master of Science degree with a major in special education teaching is available.  Two curricular emphases are offered within the degree: (1) Adaptive/Functional Special Education K-6, 6-12; and (2) Adaptive Special Education Pre K-12.


Special Notes for Adaptive/Functional Special Education K-6, 6-12

  1. The requirements for a general education license must be met before any special education endorsement can be granted.
  2. One practicum will be at the elementary level.  The other will be completed at the secondary level.
  3. There is no provisional endorsement at the functional level.
  4. Characteristics courses (SPED 738 & SPED 852) are prerequisites for methods courses at their respective levels (SPED 779, SPED 780, and SPED 853).
  5. Special Education Praxis exams are required for full endorsement.


Special Notes for Adaptive Special Education Pre K-12

  1. The requirements for a general education license must be met before any special education endorsement can be granted.
  2. One practicum each will be completed at the Pre-K, elementary, and secondary level.
  3. SPED 738 Characteristics of Students with Adaptive Learning Needs is a prerequisite for methods courses (SPED 779, SPED 780 and SPED 876).
  4. Special education Praxis exams are required at the time of application for full endorsement.


Procedural Steps for Master's degree:

1.  The student must apply for and be admitted to a degree program through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

2.  The student must apply for candidacy in conference with the advisor prior to enrollment in his/her 12th hour of coursework.

3.  The student must petition the Graduate  and Continuing Studies Office to graduate.


Admission Criteria:

The admissions criteria for the Master’s Degree in Special Education Teaching will include the following:

1.  The student must hold a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Education degree with requirements met for general education conditional teaching license.

2.  The student will have a GPA of at least 3.00 in the undergraduate major.

3.  The student must submit two recommendation forms from superintendent, principal, special education director or supervisor.

4.  International students must check with graduate website for requirements.

5.  Students may be granted probationary admission by maintaining a 3.0 grade point average during the first nine hours of coursework.


Midpoint Review:

The student must have a least a 3.00 GPA at the midpoint (12 hours) of his or her program.


Culminating Event:

Each candidate must complete a portfolio before the Master’s degree will be granted.  Arrangements for the portfolio will be made with each candidate’s advisor.

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