Bachelor of Science- Biology

General Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree Applicable to Biology

General Education courses must meet the requirements approved by the General Education Committee or approved substitutes.  Check individual curricula and consult your advisor for acceptable substitutes.  The eight hours of natural science requirements are satisfied by course requirements in the biology curricula (BIOL 211 Principles of Biology I, CHEM 215/216 General Chemistry I/Laboratory).

A total of 45 hours, which includes a 20-hour minor, must be taken outside of the department.  Although other minors may be acceptable (check with your advisor), a chemistry or physical science minor is recommended.

At least 20 of the 45 university required upper division hours must be in biology.

Students with strong backgrounds in high school mathemat­ics are urged to substitute MATH 150 Calculus I for MATH 113 College Algebra.

What follows are suggested curricula for areas of emphasis within the department's program areas.  Always consult with the department and your advisor for current information.



General Education Requirements* (38-44 hours)

Basic Skills (12 hours)

General Education Electives (26-32 hours)

     Sciences** (0 hours)  

     Social Studies (3 hours)  

     Political Studies (3 hours)

     Producing and Consuming (5-6 hours)

     Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

     Cultural Studies (3-5 hours)

     Health and Well-Being (4-6 hours)

     Human Heritage (6 hours)


   *Courses must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee. See General Education Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees.

   **General education sciences are satisfied by course requirements in biology (BIOL 211) and chemistry (CHEM 215/216).