Master of Engineering Technology

The Department of Engineering Technology offers a Master of Engineering Technology degree.  This is accom­plished through the combined efforts of Engineering Tech­nology programs in Construction, Electronics, Manu­facturing, Mechani­cal, and Plastics.  In addition to completing a set of core courses, the students have the option of expanding their knowledge in a specialty area or of conducting research concluding with a thesis.  Emphasis is placed on “real-world” activities, projects, and interactions.  The completion of the program will prepare students for professional careers in engineering technology.

Our mission is to establish the Master in Engineering Technology program at Pittsburg State University as the premier graduate curriculum in engineering technology in the Midwest region.  We are committed to assisting the University and the region in technology development by providing a professional multi-disciplinary team and project oriented approach to graduate education.  In order to accommodate working professionals, the Master of Engineering Technology degree is also offered through online course work.  Students completing their degree requirements online receive the same educational value as students physically present on campus in a prolonged course of study.


Program Objectives

  The Program Educational Objectives (PEO's) for the Master of Engineering Technology Program are to produce graduates who will:

1.  be sought after for leadership or decision making positions.

2.  participate in continuing education or graduate studies.

3.  incorporate state-of-the-art-technology and new technology in their chosen profession.


Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students demonstrate an ability to apply multidisciplinary knowledge, and modern tools to complex engineering technology activities.

2.  Students demonstrate an ability to apply advanced mathematics, science and engineering technology to business and engineering technology problems as required.

3.  Students demonstrate an ability to design, conduct studies and simulations and apply results to general advanced business and engineering technology problems consistent with program objectives.

4.  Students demonstrate an ability to provide project leadership, apply management skills, and support complex decision making.

5.  Students demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in both technical and general business setting.

6.  Students demonstrate understanding of environmental, social and ethical issues in a world wide business setting.


Admission Requirements

Admission to the graduate program requires an under­graduate degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or in a closely related area.  Students must meet the University graduate admission requirements detailed in the University Catalog.  International students must have a TOEFL score of 540 or higher.  A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.70 is required unless the applicant has significant industrial experience.  All transcripts will be evaluated prior to admission into the program.

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