Bachelor of Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Fraud Examination

The departments of Accounting and Computer Information Systems and History, Philosophy and Social Sciences offer this integrated program that prepares students for careers in fraud examination.  Based on advice from the Internal Revenue Service, students who elect this degree will be eligible to be hired as IRS special agents as well as being qualified to serve in other public agencies and the private sector.

The 60-62 hour interdisciplinary major (no minor required) will have required Accounting and Computer Information Systems and Business classes totaling 27 hours (students may NOT take more than 30 hours in the College of Business, excluding introductory general education classes); 6 hours of skills classes; 18 hours of Justice Studies classes; and 9-11 hours of electives.  Several of the classes can be used to meet General Education requirements.  Using their elective hours, students may choose to have a concentration in one of the following areas (students do not have to elect a concentration):

Areas of Concentration:

Computer Forensics
Advanced Accocunting
Law Enforcement
Business Finance
Forensic Psychology
Mapping and Geographic Information Systems



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