Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Mathematics

General Education Requirements* (40-47 hours)

Basic Skills** (9 hours)

General Education Electives (31-38 hours)

     Sciences (8-9 hours)

     Social Studies (3 hours)

     Political Studies (3 hours)

     Producing and Consuming** (2-3 hours)

     Fine Arts and Aesthetic Studies (2-3 hours)

     Cultural Studies (3-5 hours)

     Health and Well-Being (4-6 hours)

     Human Heritage (6 hours)


* Courses must be taken from the list approved by the General Education Committee. See General Education Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees.

**Three hours of general education basic skills are satisfied by the requirements in Mathematics.  Three hours of general education electives are satisfied by the required programming course in Computer Science.

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