Master of Arts- Communication

The applicant for admission to study for the degree of Master of Arts with a major in communication shall present evidence of completion of sufficient work in undergraduate courses, or professional experience, to furnish adequate background for graduate study in the field.  If the graduate faculty determine that a student does not have sufficient background to pursue the Master of Arts in communication, then up to 15 credits of undergraduate work may be re­quired.

The minimum TOEFL score for students who did not earn a baccalaureate degree in an English speaking university and who wish to major in communication is 550.  Applicants must have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.00 for admission to the M.A. Program.

The Master of Arts in communication is designed to meet the individual needs of each student.  Students work with their advisor to structure a degree within the regulations of Pittsburg State University.  Degrees can be designed to meet pre-doctoral preparation, professional preparation or the intellectual needs of the student.

The minimum course requirement for the master's degree Option I (which includes up to six credits of COMM 890 Research and Thesis) is 30 hours; Option II (which includes up to six hours of COMM 891 Research Problem) is 32 hours; Option III (which includes six hours of research seminars) is 32 hours. COMM 815 Introduction to Graduate Study is required for all options. The remaining courses may be elected with the approval of the advisor, in accordance with the student's particular educational background and experience and his or her degree objective: employment in a teaching or a nontea­ching field, additional graduate study, or personal enrichment.