Bachelor of Arts- International Studies

The International Studies major, Bachelor of Arts degree, is a multi-disciplinary major, incorporating a variety of disciplines across colleges and departments within the Pittsburg State University community.  Its core is Political Science, History, Geography and Sociology with substantial contributions made by Economics, Management and Market­ing, and Communication.  In addition, a variety of other disciplines, such as Family and Consumer Sciences, English and the Fine Arts provide important contributions.  The major is designed to give students a core body of knowledge and basic skills necessary to live and work successfully in an increasingly interconnected world.  The development of students' foreign language skills is a key component of the program.  Students are encouraged to enroll in internships and practica.

Students who wish to complete the International Studies major with Departmental Academic Honors can complete a total of nine hours of courses designated “may be taken for honors” from the 33 hours of required courses for the major.