Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a Major in English

The Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in English is designed primarily to train prospective English teachers. A student pursuing the degree will follow the program outlined below. A minor is not required.

Persons seeking the Bachelor of Science in Education degree should consult the appropriate sections of the Univer­sity Catalog. For the specific regulations concerning admis­sion to teacher educa­tion, see Admission to Teacher Education; for general educa­tion degree requirements for students preparing to teach second­ary school, see General Education Requirements for Students Preparing to Teach Secondary School.  Also see scholastic achieve­ment require­ments for admission to teacher education for secondary teaching majors, Scholastic Achievement in Common Core. Students planning to teach should become familiar with the current Regulations for Certifying School Personnel, issued by The State Board of Education. Information concerning these regulations may be obtained from the Director of Teacher Education, 110 Hughes Hall, Pittsburg State University. See Admission to Professional Semester for professional education grade point requirements.

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