Master of Arts- English

The applicant for admission to study for the degree Master of Arts with a major in English shall present evidence of successful completion of at least 24 semester hours of undergraduate English above the freshman level, including survey courses in both English and American literature; one course in linguistics, modern grammar, or the history of the English language; and one upper division writing course.  Students not presenting evidence of sufficient background in the above areas shall be required to complete one or more undergraduate courses as a condition of acceptance.

For regulations concerning the required placement and comprehensive examinations see the graduate advisor in English. For regulations which pertain to all candidates for the degree see Master's Degree: General Regulations in this catalog.


Time Limit for Degree Completion

Students in the English Department Master of Arts pro­gram must finish their degrees within six years from the date they first enrolled as degree seeking students.


Validation of Courses

Credits earned more than six years before the date for granting the degree cannot be counted to meet degree requirements unless they are validated by special examina­tion. Required courses more than six years old must be repeated unless they are validated.  Examinations and grades for validated courses are given by the course instructor or departmental faculty and must be filed in the English Department Office.  Courses are eligible for validation only if they have been taken within a ten year period from when the candidate's degree will be completed.  Courses from other institutions may not be validated; therefore, transferred courses must be no more than six years old at the time the degree is granted.