Bachelor of Science- Geography

Geography is a spatial science that explores the interac­tions between the human and environmental dimensions of our ever-changing world.  The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in geography provides students with a foundation in geographic knowledge, spatial theory and applied analytical skills, providing a solid background for students in pursuit of careers in a variety of fields and for those who wish to pursue graduate work.

The program focuses on those elements of geography that are most critical in today's society: environmental geogra­phy, which concentrates on the interaction of people and the environment; urban planning, an applied science that involves decision-making about city growth; community development, which focuses on locally-driven social and economic devel­opment; Geographic Information Sys­tems (GIS), a computer-based technological application that combines data management and modeling with the explanato­ry powers of maps and digital display.  Students who demonstrate compe­tency in GIS upon completion of the introductory level GIS course may apply to participate in a paid internship program.

Geography majors choose a variety of minors depending on their interests. Minors in political science, economics, history, business or a modern language are common.

The geography major requires a total of 38 hours distrib­uted as follows: