Bachelor of Arts- History

This degree program is designed to provide students with a solid and varied experience in history, suitable for a liberal arts education as well as an adequate preparation for advanced professional study, in law for example. The requirements for the BA degree follow.

The student seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in History must meet the requirements for a major in history as shown below, complete a minor from the list of approved minor fields in the general state­ment on this degree elsewhere in this catalog, and fulfill the university’s general education requirements. All candidates for this degree should consult the appropriate sections of this catalog for the general requirements for the degree.

A BA in history shall consist of at least 37 semester hours including 12 in American History, 12 in World History, 3 in HIST 430 History: Theory and Practice, 1 in HIST 699 Senior Assessment, and nine elective hours in history.  A minimum of 25 hours shall be in courses numbered 300-799.