Bachelor of Science in Education- History/Government

To conform to current Kansas State Department of Education guidelines, the student seeking a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in the Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences must complete the requirements for History/Government licensure as shown below.  Alternatives to HIST 540 English History to 1660, HIST 546 The Age of Empire, HIST 605 Africa and the Middle East, HIST 656 Sectional Conflict and Civil War and HIST 665 Modern America since 1968, as listed in Section II, may be taken. This degree meets current Kansas requirements for the licensure of secondary school teachers in world history, american history, political science, geography, sociology, and economics.  All students seeking this degree should consult the appropriate sections of this catalog for the general requirements for the degree and for the specific regulations governing admission to teacher education, required courses, and the professional semester.  The major includes 63 hours of history, social science courses and an economics course.  It does not require a minor.