Bachelor of Science- Justice Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in justice studies is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree with a foundation in social science inquiry.  With an emphasis on law and the social sciences, this unique contemporary degree represents the current state-of-the-art setting for studying justice and provides a comprehensive degree.  Students develop an understanding of the nature of justice and analyze controversial justice issues through critical inquiry and social science investigation.  While primary focus is placed on theories of justice; legal studies; social and economic justice  students may elect a Criminal Justice emphasis (see below) that will allow them to pursue their interests in law enforcement, corrections, and other legal careers.

It is required that justice studies students choose a minor that complements and supports the major area of study.  Students interested in law enforcement careers would find that such minors as sociology, political science, psychology, accounting, foreign language, communication, and techni­cal education are among those that would best contribute to success in their careers.  Students interested in the legal profession would find that such minors as philosophy, political science, sociology, and psychology would best contribute to success in their careers.  Students interested in the field of forensics would find that minors such as biology and chemistry would best contribute to success in their careers.  These are a few examples of how related areas of study can supplement the justice studies degree.

The curriculum for the BS degree in justice studies provides interdisciplinary courses in the social science department relevant to law and justice for students interested in studying justice issues, those anticipating justice related careers (including the legal profession), and interested non-majors.  The justice studies degree requires a minimum of 49-50 semester hours distributed as follows: