Bachelor of Arts- Political Science

The political science major is an excellent liberal arts background for students preparing for careers in which critical thinking and writing skills as well as an understand­ing of politics and government is either essential or desir­able.

To promote their career goals, students often combine their political science major with a minor or major in business, international studies, justice studies, communica­tion, biology, geography, economics or foreign languages.  Political Science provides valuable insights into the function­ing of government and politics (locally, nationally and globally) which also serve as excellent preparation for further graduate or professional education.

The Political Science program at Pittsburg State Universi­ty offers courses in American Politics and Government, Constitutional Law and Judicial Process, Political Philoso­phy, International Relations, and Comparative Politics.


The political science major must (1) complete the university’s General Education requirements; (2) meet the distribution and hour requirements (33) in political science; (3) take either MATH 143 Elementary Statistics (substitutes for MATH 113 College Algebra in the university’s General Education requirements) or SOSCI 388 Social Research Analysis; (4) take ECON 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics as a cognate requirement (meets the university’s General Education requirement in the economics area of the Producing and Consuming category); (5) elect a minor; and (6) take at least 45 upper division hours of classes listed at the 300 level or above.