Department: Art    
Chairperson: Rhona E. Shand    
Room: 101 Porter Hall Email:
Telephone: 620-235-4302 Fax: 620-235-4303
Professor(s): Marjorie K. Schick*,**   
Assoc. Professor(s): S. Portico Bowmen*, Malcolm E. Kucharski*, James M. Oliver, Jr*., Rhona E. Shand*    
Asst. Professor(s): Li-Lin Tseng*   
Instructors: Sung Hee Choi*   
*Graduate Faculty
**University Professor   


  • to provide an exceptionally high quality education for those students committed to learning in the visual arts by providing a relevant, integrated and comprehensive curriculum that expands their artistic, intellectual and professional abilities through developing knowledge and skills in art (history, theory, pedagogy, and studio),
  • to instill a greater understanding and visual literacy of the arts and humanities within the Pittsburg State University general student body, PK-12 school systems and the broader community by creating opportunities to engage in the world of visual arts through curricular, interdisciplinary and campus-based programs, along with directed outreach to the four state region,
  • to provide the Pittsburg State University campus and community with exhibits of contemporary art and lecture presentations in order to further the artistic understanding of all constituents in the academic setting,
  • to contribute significantly to advancement of the artistic disciplines by having active professional faculty, who are established at the local, regional, state, national and international levels.

General Information

The Department of Art at Pittsburg State University, provides students who have a interest in art, a strong foundation in creative critical thinking and design, that prepares them in a multitude of professional careers in studio, applied arts and art education. Example opportunities in visual art fields include art direction; ceramic studios; character design; concept art; curatorial and museum work; jewelry design; photography; sequential art; studio painter; 3D digital modeling (for animation industry); and advertising, editorial and publishing illustration. The BFA also is considered fundamental prepara­tion for graduate degrees in the studio arts and art history.

Art teaching remains an important career choice for many art students. Individuals planning to teach art in the public schools (K-12) should select the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with an emphasis in art education.


Special Department Requirements

All Department of Art undergraduate degree programs require that a cumulative GPA of 3.00 be earned in all art courses; grades of "B" or better are required in all upper level art courses.

All BFA students with an emphasis in a studio art area are required to take 10 credit hours of professional art practices courses. This includes Art 412 Senior Art Seminar and Art 490 Senior Exhibit. These courses and resulting exhibition is only for senior art majors.


Departmental Minors  

To minor in art, students must complete 21 credit hours of art.  Prospective students should request advice from the Department Chair and Faculty concerning course selections.

Art minors do not meet certification require­ments to teach art in the state of Kansas.  Those wanting a single course to expand their understanding of the concepts and applications of art should choose ART 311 Art Education, for three credit hours. This course is not sufficient for the art certification at either the elementary or secondary level.