Department: Biology    
Chairperson: Dixie L. Smith    
Room: 223 Heckert-Wells Email:
Telephone: 620-235-4732 Fax: 620-235-4194
Professor(s): Joseph A. Arruda*, James T. Dawson*, Cynthia S. Ford*, Steven D. Ford*, Virginia C. Rider*, James R. Triplett*,**, Daniel M. Zurek*   
Assoc. Professor(s): Peter A. Chung*, David M. Gordon*, Dixie L. Smith*   
Asst. Professor(s): Phillip Harries*, Hermann Nonnenmacher*, Mandy M. Peak*, Xiaolu Wu*   
Instructors: Neal Schmidt*   
*Graduate Faculty
**University Professor   

Students may select study from a variety of emphasis areas in the following general program areas:  health and laborato­ry sciences, field biology and environment, plant sciences, and biology education.

Aside from these program areas, you can graduate under the general biology curriculum and custom select courses to meet your interests.  Your choices can lead to a variety of possible biology careers or graduate training based on your interests.