Department: Family and Consumer Sciences    
Chairperson: Duane A. Whitbeck    
Room: 101 Family & Consumer Sciences Building Email:
Telephone: 620-235-4457 Fax: 620-235-4686
Professor(s): Lynette J. Olson*   
Assoc. Professor(s): Denise Bertoncino*, Duane A. Whitbeck   
Asst. Professor(s): Holly Page-Sagehorn, Amber Tankersley*   
Instructors: Sasha Ball-Rives, Kari Cronister, Cristine Elliott*, Carol Werhan   
*Graduate Faculty   

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences provides programs that prepare educators in family and consumer sciences and professionals in the areas of early childhood development, fashion merchandising, individual and family management, and interior design.  These programs as well as other course offerings reflect the department mission "to provide educational programs and experiences that develop professional and life skills that help people function more effectively in their daily living and working environments".


Facilities and Resources

The Family and Consumer Sciences department operates the PSU Early Childhood Preschool Laboratory where all early childhood development and education students apply the knowledge and skills they gain in classes to real environments. The department also houses the FCS Historic Clothing collection which includes over 120 items representing clothing from 1870 to the present.