Department: Physics    
Chairperson: Timothy Flood    
Room: 307 Yates Hall Email:
Telephone: 620-235-4391 Fax: 620-235-4050
Professor(s): Charles Blatchley*, Tim Flood, David M. Kuehn*,**, Assistant Chairperson   
Assoc. Professor(s): Rebecca Butler*, Serif Uran*   
Asst. Professor(s): Alexander Konopelko*   
Instructors: Kyla Scarborough   
*Graduate Faculty
**University Professor   

Pre-Engineering Programs

The Department of Physics offers pre-professional work in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, engineer­ing physics, agricultural engineering, aeronautical engineer­ing, general engineering, and industrial engineering. Details concerning these programs can be obtained from the Depart­ment of Physics.

Special Facilities for Undergraduate and Gradu­ate Research

The department's primary research focus continues to be in areas related to astrophysics, condensed matter and materials science, the latter particularly in support of related activities at the Business Technology Institute and in other departments.  Funded research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate projects within the department include accelerator applica­tions in tribology, computa­tional and imaging applica­tions in astrophysics (NASA Fermi and Chandra programs as well as VERITAS), planetary science and nano-technolo­gy using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). In addition to a dedicated computer laboratory, the department offers an internet equipped office area to graduate students. The department continues to operate the PSU-Greenbush Astro­physical Observatory located at the S.E. Kansas Educational Service Center in Greenbush, Kansas. The observatory's location and imaging instrumenta­tion package make it ideal for spectroscopic or observational studies of planets, comets, and asteroids.  This telescope and a collection of smaller telescopes are available for majors in physics, or science education and for graduate student projects.

Second Teaching Options

Those persons interested in physics, middle school science or earth and space science as a second teaching option should contact the Department of Physics or the Certification Officer in the College of Education, 115 Hughes Hall, for specific require­ments.