Course Category: Interior Design Option
Related Degree: Bachelor of Science- Family and Consumer Sciences


A grade below "C" represents work of insufficient quality, not adequate to pursue subsequent courses.  For this reason, a student making a "D" or "F" grade in a required course will not be permitted to continue in the Family and Consumer Sciences Interior Design Option.  If it can be demonstrated that the "D" or "F" grade is the result of a temporary problem which has been corrected, the student may be readmitted with the approval of faculty.  The below “C” grade in Interior Design is intended for option requirements only, not major core.


Recommended Minors:  For students whose career goal is to become a licensed interior designer, it is highly recommended that you follow Track I to be eligible to take the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications Exam.  For students primarily interested in acquiring an interior design background, Track II is recommended.


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Potential Careers for Track I: Residential or contract interior design, research and development for interior design, manufacturers sales representative, showroom sales representatives, furniture design, craftsman, facilities management, facilities planning and interiors construction management.


Track II: Alternative Minors: Accounting, Art, Business Administration, Communication, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography and Psychology.


Potential Careers for Track II:  Residential interior design, design or color consulting, specialty shop management, furnishings retailing, photography and print.


Students may elect to double in FCS Interior Design and Construction Management.

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