Course Category: Elementary, Psychology and Lab Experiences
Related Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education- Early Childhood Unified (ECU)

(The following courses must be completed with a 3.00 GPA or higher and no grade lower than a “C” for admission to Professional Semester).

 NOTE:  EDUC courses may be taken concurrently but not prior to EDUC 261.


EDUC 261, EDUC 320, EDUC 321, EDUC 322, EDUC 323, EDUC 360 and EDTH 330 must have completed 30 credit hours and have a 2.50 cumulative GPA to enroll.

SPED 350, SPED 450 and SPED 560 must have completed 45 credit hours and have a 2.50 GPA to enroll.

SPED 511 must have completed 60 credit hours and have a 2.50 cumulative GPA.

Concurrent enrollment recommended (PSYCH 263 and EDUC 261).

FCS 390 and FCS 391 require concurrent enrollment.

FCS 490 and FCS 491 require concurrent enrollment.

FCS 591 requires permission of instructor to enroll.


Students planning to teach should become familiar with the current Regulations for Certifying School Personnel, issued by The State Board of Education. Information concerning these regulations may be obtained from the Director of Teacher Education, 110 Hughes Hall, Pittsburg State University. See Admission to Professional Semester for professional education grade point requirements.

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