International Knowledge and Experience (IKE) Certificate  

Director:  Dr. Paul Zagorski, 412H Russ Hall, zagorski AT pittstate DOT ed, 620-235-4337

Coordinator: Megan Corrigan, 118 Whitesitt Hall, mcorriga AT pittstate DOT edu, 620-235-4221

The International Knowledge and Experience (IKE) Certificate promotes international knowledge and encourages student international experiences. The IKE certificate consists of three components of international experience – Study Abroad, Academic Courses, and Co-Curricular programming.  A student may complete any two of the components to fulfill the certificate requirements.  Students completing IKE by choosing to include the Academic Courses component will also receive a notation on their academic transcript.  All students who complete the program receive a detailed listing of the activities they have fulfilled to achieve this certificate.  The completion of each component will be accounted as follows:

Study Abroad:  Earning credit through a PSU Study Abroad program, or any approved partner study abroad program.

International students taking credit courses at PSU will fulfill this component. 


Academic Courses:  This component has two areas, language study and international coursework, and both must be completed to fulfill the component.  The foreign language area is fulfilled by completion of a second-semester language course with a grade of C or better, or the equivalent. (Equivalencies may be considered with the approval of the MLL department). The international coursework area is fulfilled by completing three courses in three different disciplines with a grade of C or better.  Courses are selected from a list approved by the International Studies program.

International students may fulfill the foreign language area by meeting the English proficiency for international students set by the University.  They may also meet the international coursework area by taking one course (two with permission) with a significant modern US focus. 


Co-curricular:  This component is fulfilled by participating in a number of intercultural activities, lectures, meetings, student organizations, etc. equaling 60 units.  The units are calculated from an approved list maintained by the International Programs and Services office. 

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