Writing to Learn Requirement  

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program encourages faculty to use writing assignments in their courses at all levels and across the disciplines.  Under the program, students take a series of composition and Writing to Learn (WL) courses in their first two years to develop and maintain their writing skills in preparation for additional writing assign­ments in their junior and senior classes.

All students must take the WL courses, unless they transfer to PSU with 55 passed credit hours or more or obtain a special waiver.  Students with college credit prior to fall 1989 are exempt.  The WL courses are taught across-the-curriculum, in almost all of the univer­sity disci­plines. A WL course incorpo­rates writing as an integral part of the course structure; therefore, students write frequently, both formally and informally, about course content. The purpose of the WL classes is to develop the student's ability to organize clearly-stated, well-reasoned responses to the course content.  Students needing special assistance with word and sentence mechanics are referred to the Writing Center.  General education courses comprise a vast majority of the WL courses; however, no course at the 100 or 200 level is  precluded.

The flow chart below shows the normal progres­sion through the WL series. ENGL 101 English Composition should be considered a prerequisite for the Writing to Learn courses.  ENGL 101 English Composition and two Writing to Learn courses are a prerequisite for ENGL 299 Introduc­tion to Research Writing.

                    Four Possible Writing to Learn Sequences

English Comp. 101------------WL------------WL------------English 299


English ACT of 27------------WL------------WL-------------English 299


English ACT of 28 or higher-------WL------English Comp. 190-----WL


    *(Transfer Students with Fewer than 55 Credit Hours Only)

Two Composition courses elsewhere--------------WL---------------WL


*Students who transfer to PSU with fewer than 55 credit hours but
who have completed two composition courses will take two WL courses. 
They will not take English 299.

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