Department: Military Science    
Chairperson: Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Hutchison    
Room: Student Recreation Center Email: khutchison AT pittstate DOT edu
Telephone: 620-235-4859 Fax: 620-235-4862
Professor(s): LTC Kenneth Hutchison   
Assoc. Professor(s):    
Asst. Professor(s): SFC Ronald Truax, CPT Timothy Wilkins, MSG Michael Deatherage   
Instructors: MSG(R) Sam Haskins   

Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

Army ROTC is a program open to all students that provides an introduction to the military and its role in our society.  It provides training and laboratory experiences in leadership, goal orientations, time management, communica­tions, survival and group dynamics.  Extracurricular activi­ties available for enrolled students include paintball, rappelling, parachute jumping and military skills competi­tion.  For students who progress through the pro­gram, it provides the opportunity to earn a commission as an officer in the Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

The program is divided into two parts.  The basic course is open to all students regardless of age or physical condition and may be taken at any point in the student's college career.  The focus is on introducing the student to the Army and providing skills to enhance performance in whatever career path is chosen.  The advanced course is open only to juniors, seniors and graduate students who desire a commission and the opportunity to serve as an officer in the armed forces.


Basic Course

The basic course consists of five courses: three (3) one-hour credit courses and two (2) three-hour credit courses. These classes are open to all students and like any other course, may be dropped with no obligation. Students receive instruction and laboratory opportunities in leadership, communications, and confidence building.


Leaders Training Course

This is not basic training. It is a fully paid four week summer camp attended by potential ROTC students who have 55 or more college credit hours, but who do not have the requisite 10 semester hours of the basic course ROTC classes or prior military service. Students will learn basic military skills through hands-on practice such as first-aid, weapons famil­iarity, land navigation, drill and ceremony and many other subjects. You may compete, if eligible, for scholar­ships that can pay for tuition, books and fees. The opportu­nity to attend this camp is limited. If interested, students should talk to a military science representa­tive starting in January through April. Students can also earn up to 10 (free) credit hours for attending this camp.


Leadership Assessment and Development Course

The advanced course is open by permission only to juniors, seniors and graduate students pursuing a commission in the Army, Army Reserve or National Guard. Students accepted into the advanced course must agree to meet the curriculum require­ments including attendance at a five-week summer leadership development and assessment course between the junior and senior year.  They also agree to accept a commission as a second lieuten­ant upon gradua­tion. All advanced course students receive a $450 to $500 per month allowance during the academic year.



The military science department provides extensive scholarship opportunities. Available scholarships range from programs that cover all tuition and fees plus provide a book and monthly living allowance, to programs that cover just tuition. Special scholarship consideration is provided for nursing and engineering students. Information on all scholarships may be obtained from military science faculty.


Army Nurse Corps

The military science department offers a special program for nursing students designed to complement and enhance Pittsburg State University nursing instruction. Nursing students completing this program will earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. The classes provide instruction and laboratory opportunities in leader­ship, supervisory, organizational and sensitivity skills. It also provides a unique opportunity to practice clinical skills under the mentorship of an army nurse. Special scholarship opportunities are available to all nursing students.



Veterans from all branches including members of the Reserve and National Guard receive special consideration in the military science program. This includes credit for military experience and special leadership and scholarship opportunities.


Student Organizations

Students are organized into cadet led units that provide the framework for laboratory and extracurricular activities and offer leadership opportunities for all students. The Ranger Challenge Team is a voluntary organization that emphasizes cohesion, esprit de corp and military skills. This group travels to compete with other colleges and universities throughout the Midwest. Students also participate in the unit's color guard and cannon crew that perform at Pittsburg State University sporting events and other community events.


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